SDC-1612 / 2212 / 3212
SDC-1612 / 2212 / 3212

High speed double column machining center

Shinzawa 5 Axis gantry milling machine provides the power required for processing large workpieces, and the whole machine uses meehanite metal with high rigidity and vibration suppression. Three-axis uses large outer diameter screw and high rigidity roller rail, through advanced research and development design and rigorous arrangement process. A high-precision and high-speed gantry machining center meets your diverse processing needs. In addition, five-sided or five-axis processing needs are available for options.


Roller type linear ways on three axes

  • All three are mounted with roller type linear ways. The X-axis (table) uses #55 linear ways with 6 blocks. The Y/Z axes use #55 linear ways. The Y-axis linear ways are heavy duty type with rigidity increased by 70%, making the machine suitable for high speed, high rigidity machining for the long term.

Highly rigid machine structure

  • The massive base is a box type structure in combination with internal rib reinforcement. Employs 55mm high rigidity roller type linear ways and one grade increased Ø63mm ballscrews. These provide a dependable foundation to ensure high accuracy in high speed machining.
  • The oversized columns are of honeycomb structure with higher stability than others. This also provides better geometric accuracy maintaining capacity compared to conventional structures. The columns and the cross beam are one-piece fabricated. The contact surfaces of all parts have been scraped for higher accuracy of the machine, which in turn provides the best dynamic and static rigidity.
  • The joint parts among the saddle, spindle head and cross beam are of stepped structure (top/side) design, which helps to boost stability when the Y axis moves at a high speed, reducing vibration and tilting forward to enhance the high speed cutting rigidity of the spindle. This results in higher machining accuracy.
  • All machine parts are subjected to analyze by using the Finite Element Method (FEM), which provides a light configuration after assembling, while ensuring the optimal rigidity of the machine.
  • The table is a box-type structure with rib reinforcement to increase loading stability and machining accuracy.
  • The series of 5 Axis gantry CNC machine is manufactured from high durability cast iron (FC-300), and they are assembled after high precision grinding and scraping.


XYZ Three-Axis Roller Linear Guideway
XYZ Three-Axis Roller Linear Guideway
  • All three axes adopt roller linear guideway, X axis adopts #55 specification, six-slide block design (worktable), YZ axis adopts #55 specification, Y axis is heavy-duty, and the rigidity is increased by 70%. The gantry milling machine is suitable for long-term high-speed and high rigid cutting operation.
Saddle Support Adopts Stepped Design
Saddle Support Adopts Stepped Design
  • The saddle, head and beam are combined with a stepped design to enhance the stability of Y-axis rapid movement, reduce vibration forward tilt and strengthen the rigidity of the spindle for high-speed cutting, thereby improving the machining accuracy of the machine.
Box Structure Base Design
Box Structure Base Design
  • Strengthen the arrangement of internal ribs, use 55mm high rigidity roller rails, and increase the level of Ø63mm ball screw at the same time. Provide a reliable foundation to ensure the accuracy of highspeed machining.
Honeycomb Structure Design
Honeycomb Structure Design
  • The integrated casting structure design of columns and beams, and the contact surfaces of all components are manually scraped to ensure the accuracy of the machine and provide the best performance of dynamic and static rigidity.


Spacious interior

Stable Z-axis balance mechanism

Strong cutting ability



Item Unit SDC-1612 SDC-2212 SDC-3212
X / Y / Z axes travel mm 1600 x 1200 x 800 2200 x 1200 x 800 3200 x 1200 x 800
Table size mm 1600 x 1100 2200 x 1100 3100 x 1100
Max. loading capacity kg 3000 3500 4000
Spindle speed   rpm 10000
Spindle motor   kW 11 / 15(BT-40) / 18.5 / 22(BT-50
Spindle taper  - BT-40 / BT-50
Tool capacity  Pcs BT-40 : Disc type 30T / BT-50 : Chain type 32T
X / Y / Z Rapid Feedrate m / min  24 / 24 / 24
Net weight kg 17000 19000 23000
We reserve the right to modify the design and specifications without notice in advance.
Standard Equipment
  • Mitsubishi M80A controller
  • Spindle motor 15/18.5KW
  • 10,000 rpm direct-drive spindle
  • 2 Tool ATC
  • Absolute position feedback on X, Y, Z axes
  • Rigid tapping
  • Twin counter-balancing hydraulic cylinders
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Spindle air blast device
  • MPG
  • Work lamp
  • Three-color warning lamp
  • RS-232 interface
  • Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
  • Air gun & flush gun
  • Cooling system and coolant tank
  • M30 auto power off
  • Twin chip augers
  • Link / chain type chip conveyor with chip cart
  • Foundation bolts and blocks
  • Tool box
Optional Equipment
  • Mitsubishi M830 controller
  • Fanuc 0i-MF controller
  • Fanuc 31i-MB controller
  • Siemens 840D controller
  • Heidenhain TNC 640 controller
  • Spindle taper BBT-50
  • Spindle taper HSK-A63
  • 12,000 rpm direct-drive spindle
  • 8,000 rpm belt-drive spindle
  • Built-in type spindle (standard Z-axis travel)
  • 24 Tool ATC (disk type)
  • 40 Tool ATC
  • CTS 30 / 70 bar
  • Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
  • Transformer
  • Intelligent voltage stabilizer
  • Oil skimmer
  • Heidenhain linear scale
  • Automatic tool length measurement device (contact type / non-contact type)