In the aerospace industry, challenges in manufacturing are extremely high. Components for aerospace applications are often exposed to dramatic extremes of temperature and pressure. Parts manufactured for aerospace applications must be able to withstand these pressure and temperature extremes inherent in the aerospace industry.

Stringent precision tolerances, and the use of special alloy materials that are difficult to process, along with highly complex product designs, all necessitate the need for high standards in production equipment.

High Speed Double Column Machining Centers

High Speed-Double Column Machining Centers are capable of machining some of the most complex workpieces often found in the aeronautics industry, such as rotors for jet engines, turbine blades for power generation, aerospace components, etc.

Double Column Machining Centers feature an optimal cost-to-performance ratio. Their modular design and enhanced machine structure exhibit high speed, high precision, cutting performance and increased machine stability.

Machining Center Features

The box-type foundation combined with roller type linear motion guides ensures high rigidity for consistent accuracy in high-speed machining. These machining centers are manufactured from high durability cast iron (FC-300), and are made to last a lifetime.

Fully enclosed machine guards, and an ergonomic work station, provide convenient operating in a safe and clean working environment. The enlarged window design, combined with impact-proof glass provides clear visibility and safety. The automatic tool changer effectively protects the tool magazine and ensures safe operating conditions.


Shinzawa has obtained international ISO8636 and CE certification, ensuring its capability to meet the rigorous requirements of the aerospace industry.

Shinzawa quality inspection conforms to Japanese JISB6338, European VDI/DGQ 3441 and international ISO8636 and CE certification.

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