Automobile And Motorcycle Industry

The automotive industry is one of the largest in the world. Millions of cars are manufactured every year, and every car requires numerous specific parts that need to fit together perfectly. Machining equipment for the production of parts for the automotive industry must be capable of meeting the high demands for both large volume production as well as extremely tight tolerances.

High Volume-High Quality Machining Solutions

The extremely automated nature of CNC precision machining has made automated CNC machining a backbone of the automotive industry. To meet these high-volume demands, whether for production of large plastic components such as bumpers, fenders, spoilers, internal door trim, or aluminum alloy components like engine blocks and transmission cases, or parts with complex surfaces such as drive shafts and gears, CNC machining technology is continually developing.

Shinzawa Precision Machinery Co., Ltd is one of the few machining equipment suppliers in the world who understand the rigorous demands of the automotive market. We have in-depth knowledge of the manufacturing process and we design and manufacture machining centers and equipment that meet these high demands.

Shinzawa Machining Centers

Shinzawa’s Drilling and Tapping Centers, CNC Vertical Machining Centers, High Speed Double Column Machining Centers, and Traveling Column Vertical Machining Centers offer rapid production times, with consistent and dependable quality, for the full spectrum of automotive part production.

Traveling Column Vertical Machining Centers

In the automotive industry, versatile machining centers that can do multiple operations are a wise investment. A Traveling Column Vertical Machining Center combines the flexibility of a drilling and tapping machine with the high-volume production capabilities of a vertical machining center.

The high-volume capabilities and absolute-precision performance of a Traveling Column Vertical Machining Center make it highly suitable for use in the automotive industry. This machining center is available with an optional chain-type tool magazine, allowing for efficient production of complicated parts requiring multiple processing steps.

The tool magazine is separately mounted for complete isolation from the machining area. This tool magazine design, combined with the centers highly efficient chip evacuation system, not only prevents contamination from chips or coolant, but also makes maintenance easier.

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