Machine Parts Manufacturing

Size alone doesn’t determine a part’s complexity; sometimes smaller parts can be extremely challenging to machine, while some larger parts may be very simple. When you consider the number of operations needed to machine a part: cutting, turning, milling, etc., it is important to have first-rate automation that can efficiently achieve the accuracy and consistency required to produce these complex parts.

Shinzawa Vertical Machining Centers

Shinzawa CNC Vertical Machining Centers integrate the features of high-speed and maximum stability. The single-machine, automation system of a vertical machining center gives even small shops the ability to meet changing production demands with flexible, cost-effective solutions.

Performing several operations with a single, multiple-function machining tool increases quality, accuracy, and production speed. Having a CNC machine that can perform multiple tasks is critical for a machine shop to be competitive.

Shinzawa Vertical Machining Centers require minimal floor space and provide automated operation capabilities. This allows operators to be free to load new parts, perform quality control checks, or tend to various other shop tasks.

Machine Features

Shinzawa Vertical Machining Centers are equipped with a 12,000rpm high speed spindle, combined with 48 m/min. rapid traverse rate on all three axes. This makes it an extremely versatile machining center. All structural parts are manufactured from stress relieved, high tensile FC-300 cast iron.

These machining centers have high machining capacity. They are capable of drilling aluminum to a maximum diameter of 32mm, and S45C steel to a maximum diameter of 26.5mm. Face milling S45C steel has a chip removal capacity of 150cc/min with a maximum depth of cut of 4mm.

A Shinzawa Vertical Machining Center is your best choice for cost-performance.

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