Product Category

The machine is made of high quality cast iron of FC-300, with the Finite Element Analysis to inject the mechanical as well as aesthetic factors for the maximum rigidity and flexibility.

Referring the structural concept of horizontal machine base, the lift-up design allows high speed and smooth motion control for the moving parts on the machine base and table.

3 axes employ high rigidity roller linear guideways for outstanding machining rigidity.

Automobile and Motorcycle Industry

The automotive industry is one of the largest in the world. Millions of cars are manufactured every year, and every car requires numerous specific parts that need to fit together perfectly. Machining equipment for the production of parts for the automotive industry must be capable of meeting the high demands for both large volume production as well as extremely tight tolerances.

Machine Parts Manufacturing

Size alone doesn’t determine a part’s complexity; sometimes smaller parts can be extremely challenging to machine, while some larger parts may be very simple. When you consider the number of operations needed to machine a part: cutting, turning, milling, etc., it is important to have first-rate automation that can efficiently achieve the accuracy and consistency required to produce these complex parts.


CNC high precision machining of bicycle parts includes the turning & milling of chains, derailer parts, cranks, pedals, hubs, seat clamps, headsets, disc brakes, brake grips, handles, shock absorbers, shift levers, front forks, rear fork, etc.

Mold Processing

Plastic injection molds are typically constructed from hardened steel, aluminum, and/or copper alloy. Steel molds cost more, but are often preferred because of their high durability, and are designed to process well over a million parts during their lifetime.

Electronic Parts

Electronic devices are ubiquitous in our daily lives, and many electronic devices are manufactured with the help of CNC machining. CNC is suitable for a broad range of materials, and its ultra-high level of precision makes it suitable for small and complex parts.


In the aerospace industry, challenges in manufacturing are extremely high. Components for aerospace applications are often exposed to dramatic extremes of temperature and pressure. Parts manufactured for aerospace applications must be able to withstand these pressure and temperature extremes inherent in the aerospace industry.

EMO, the world's premier Metalworking Industry event.
For the contribution to the development of industry and trade promotion through increased international transactions and technical exchanges of machine tools and their related equipment.
Global layout

Facing the rapid changes in the world, Zhenze insists on manufacturing high-quality products, winning the recognition of domestic and foreign customers, and actively expanding markets in Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia and Asia.


Shinzawa Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional CNC machining center manufacturer. Ever since our company's establishment, the pursuit of continuous progress and total customer satisfaction is the driving power of our company's success. We strive for "perfection without compromise" as our highest belief in technical research and development.

The members of our management team consist of experienced engineers in machine tool R&D, assembly and sales for more than 20 years. Our R&D team inherits Japanese sophisticated design concepts and prestigious German craftsmanship, injects profound expertise into every Shinzawa machine. We treasure our machine users' opinion, as this is the key direction to our growth in R&D, assembly, sales and service. Eventually, customers see our quality in details.