Electronic Parts

Electronic devices are ubiquitous in our daily lives, and many electronic devices are manufactured with the help of CNC machining. CNC is suitable for a broad range of materials, and its ultra-high level of precision makes it suitable for small and complex parts.

The high reliability of CNC machining means that electronics manufacturers use the technology for small and large production runs of electronic parts, in addition to the prototyping of various components.

Traveling Column Vertical Machining Centers

In the electronics and semiconductor industries, precise manufacturing and machining are critical to meet the absolute precision requirements of semiconductor equipment. Hi volume orders call for rapid CNC machining capabilities.

A Traveling Column Vertical Machining Center has the flexibility of a drilling and tapping machine combined with the processing performance of a vertical machining center. All three axes use high-rigidity, roller type, linear motion guides, so the linear slide rails provide high rigidity and load capacity.

Features of these machines include independent tool installation magazine, fast rotary table, high-efficiency chip removal capabilities, fully enclosed protective cover (including tool magazine), front-end access to interface control panel for easy transfer of programs, and a large window operating door for convenient observation during machining.

Shinzawa CNC machines are being used in various manufacturing industries in Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India, Turkey, Hungary, Russia, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar.

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