CNC high precision machining of bicycle parts includes the turning & milling of chains, derailer parts, cranks, pedals, hubs, seat clamps, headsets, disc brakes, brake grips, handles, shock absorbers, shift levers, front forks, rear fork, etc.

Shinzawa has been providing CNC gantry milling machines to manufacturers in the bicycle industry since 2010. Our machines make it possible for innovators to design and produce small, intricate, and extremely detailed parts and components.

Shinzawa's precision processing CNC machining machines offer high efficiency, superior quality, and low production costs to meet bicycle industry demands. They are used to machine parts from a wide variety of metal materials including aluminum alloys, zinc alloys, magnesium alloys, stainless steel, and steel materials.

Ultimately, we can deliver CNC machine solutions that strike the balance between quality control for your parts and maximum productivity for your company. We welcome OEM/ODM cooperation with our valued customers in the development of specially designed milling machines.

Shinzawa Vertical Machining Centers

The bicycle industry demands the large volume production of high-quality parts. Shinzawa Vertical Machining Centers integrate high speed and maximum stability to meet this demand. Using multiple-function, vertical machining centers, manufactures can increase their quality, accuracy, and production speed.

Having a CNC machine that can perform multiple tasks is critical for any machine shop to be competitive. Shinzawa Vertical Machining Centers are designed to use minimal floor space and can perform multiple automated operations, maximizing the efficient use of factory space.

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